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Program Areas

The Partnership engages in research and advocacy on pertinent issues related to African agricultural development and food security. Presently, our work is focused on the following issue areas:
  • Forging dialogue among the public sector, private sector, and civil society to inform and monitor investments in African agriculture

  • Building capacity in science, technology, and innovation

  • Investing in Africa’s future job skills in agribusiness and farming

  • Creating higher education partnerships

  • Integrating humanitarian assistance and development efforts

  • Increasing smallholders’ ability to meet changing food demand

  • Improving smallholder farmer relationships with large-scale farmers and agribusinesses

  • Enhancing the understanding of the role of livestock and nutrition in African diets

  • Reducing post-harvest losses

  • Promoting agricultural market development, infrastructure, and trade


Specific Activities


Our work is anchored around a variety of activities:

  • Frequent educational outreach activities on Capitol Hill and around Washington, DC

  • An annual US-Africa Forum that draws over 250 US and African experts to Washington, DC

  • An annual half-day symposium at the World Food Prize in Des Moines, Iowa, featuring African leaders from the public, private, and civil sector

  • An annual flagship report monitoring US assistance to Africa’s agricultural development

  • Commissioned research on key and timely topics