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MSU AFRE Food Security Group: Papers to Inform 2012 US-Africa Forum: "Farming Is A Business"

Michigan State University's Food Security Group is pleased to share with you recent papers and presentation which we hope might help inform deliberations at the forthcoming (June 11-12) 2012 US-Africa Forum on Farming Is A Business:  Strengthening Linkages and Skills to Transform Africa's Food System, being presented by The Partnership to Cut Hunger and Poverty in Africa, the Joaquim Chissano Foundation, and the John A. Kufuor Foundation...

Agriculture, Structural Transformation, Ag Productivity Drivers and Pathways Out of Poverty:

Agribusiness Development:

Value Chain Development:

Specific Value Chains:


· Modernizing Africa’s Fresh Produce Supply Chains without Rapid Supermarket Takeover. Towards a definition of Research and Investment Priorities. David Tschirley. Presented at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Seattle. August 11, 2010


· Contract Farming in Sub-Saharan Africa:  Lessons from cotton on what works and under what conditions. Tschirley, David L., Minde, Isaac, Boughton, Duncan H.  ReSAKSS Issue Briefs. March 2009.

· Pathways to Improved Profitability and Sustainability of Cotton Cultivation at Farm Level in Africa: an Approach to Addressing Critical Knowledge Gaps. IDWP 112.  Valerie Kelly, Duncan Boughton, and Benjamin Magen. February 2011.


· Smallholder Heterogeneity and Maize Market Participation in Southern and Eastern Africa: Implications for Investment Strategies to Increase Marketed Food Staple Supply. David Mather, Duncan Boughton, and T.S. Jayne. International Development Working Paper #113. Michigan State University. October 2011.


· Emerging Insights from Regional Cassava Value Chains. Steven Haggblade. Presentation to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation by Michigan State University’s Food Security Group: August 10-11, 2010

Improving Performance of Food Markets:

Land Access Issues:

Capacity Building Issues:

Source: Michigan State University Food Security Group International Updates, June 4, 2012