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Resources from the Partnership's March 1-2 US-Africa Forum: Scaling Up Agricultural Development in Africa

The Partnership to Cut Hunger and Poverty in Africa convened its third annual US-Africa Forum on Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa on March 1-2, 2011, in Washington, DC. The Forum, an annual gathering of senior US and African policymakers, business and NGO leaders, and practitioners, featured a number of keynote speakers as well as focused break-out sessions.


Plenary Session Presentations

March 1


Plenary Panel: Learning While Doing


March 2


Plenary Panel: Learning While Doing: Using Local Evidence and Analysis to Strengthen Collaborative Decision-Making


Lunch Panel: Integrating Agriculture and Nutrition Approaches: Research and Business Perspectives


Breakout Session Reports



Breakout Sessions Materials and Presentations


Area 1: Making Humanitarian Food and Nutrition Assistance Programs More Aligned with and Supportive of Programs Promoting Sustainable Food Security and Improved Nutrition

Area 2: Building Capacity through Development of Smallholder Producers’ Organizations

Area 3: Private Investment and Public-Private Partnerships

Area 4: Higher Education and Workforce Development



General Background Materials


U.S. Government Agricultural Assistance Policy




Monitoring & Evaluation