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Feed the Future - Senegal


Population: 13,711,597
Life Expectancy: 59 yrs
Per Capita GDP: $1,600 (PPP)
Below Poverty Line: 54%
Irrigated Land: 1,200 sq km

Source: CIA World Factbook

Agriculture is a key economic activity in Senegal that employs over 60 percent of the population and contributes 13 percent to the national GDP. Although overall economic growth is estimated to have grown at 1.5 percent in 2009, the country is one of the few in Africa to be meeting several of its goals at once. It is currently on track for halving poverty in line with the first Millennium Development Goal (MDG1). Although it is not on track for meeting the hunger target of MDG1, it has seen its hunger rates decline. Moreover, it is meeting both the 6 percent agricultural growth and 10 percent agricultural spending targets of CAADP.

(Source: ReSAKSS)


Source: ReSAKSS