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Feed the Future - Rwanda



Population: 10,746,311
Life Expectancy: 56.77 years
Per Capita GDP: $900 (PPP)
Below Poverty Line: 60%
Irrigated Land: 90 sq km

Source: CIA World Factbook

Rwanda has a population over nine million, with 81 percent residing in rural areas. Much of the rural population depends on agriculture for employment and subsistence, and the sector contributes 29.2 percent of total GDP. GDP growth reached a high of 11.1 percent in recent years. The prevalence of poverty and hunger remains high, especially in rural areas, and an estimated 72.0 percent of the population lives below the national poverty line. The Rwandese government has made achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the CAADP target of 6 percent annual agricultural growth a central part of its Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper and its long term development plan, Vision 2020.

(Source: ReSAKSS)


Source: ReSAKSS