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Daniel Karanja

Dr. Daniel Karanja is Executive Director of the Partnership to Cut Hunger and Poverty in Africa, an independent U.S.-Africa effort focused on increasing the level and effectiveness of U.S. development assistance and public-private investments in Africa’s agriculture and rural development. In the past few years, Dr. Karanja served as Vice-President of the Partnership as well as Senior Fellow and Chief of Staff. Prior to this, he also worked as the Partnership’s Co-Chair of the Working Group on Capacity Building in Science and Technology. He continues to lead the Partnership’s collaborative work with Washington-based African Ambassadors and building strong relationships with African institutions. In the past, Dr. Karanja also guided the Partnership’s work on strengthening U.S.-Africa agricultural trade and capacity building - including AGOA - and facilitating the Africa-US Higher Education Initiative.
Prior to joining the Partnership in October 2003, Dr. Karanja worked as a policy analyst with Bread for the World in Washington, D.C., where his primary focus was on international development and educating U.S. and African NGOs and faith-based organizations on Africa’s agricultural development and the potential of using agricultural biotechnology in Africa. Dr. Karanja worked as a research economist with the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute for more than a decade. He has a Masters and Ph.D. in agricultural economics from Michigan State University, and has published in peer-reviewed journals and book chapters.