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COP21: Briefing on climate financing

NAIROBI 11 December 2015 (IRIN) - A vital gauge of success at the Paris climate talks will be the funding made available to implement action. As we reach the business end of the negotiations, here’s IRIN’s lowdown on the complex and all-important money issue:
What is climate financing?

Paris Climate Agreement - What Cost?

Paris — After two weeks, huge amounts of political rhetoric, and much activity behind closed doors, we have a treaty. While there will be celebrations among activists, the Paris Treaty will do very little to rein in temperature reductions.The Paris Treaty promises to keep temperature rises below 2°C. However, the actual promises made here will do almost nothing to achieve that. It is widely accepted that to keep temperature rises below 2°C, we have to reduce CO₂ emissions by 6,000Gt.

Proposed MCC Legislative Changes

Proposed MCC Legislative Changes
Economies do not work in isolation and so regional integration is important for growth. MCC’s own learning demonstrates that in a number of cases, a binding constraint to growth is a country’s inability to attract the infrastructure investments needed to connect it to other markets and become a viable participant in the global economy. Regionally focused engagement with eligible countries would facilitate regional trade and help countries benefit from economies of scale or synergies in sectors such as energy and road infrastructure.  

Is the Meat Industry Ready for the Derivatives Market?

Following numerous consultations between Namibian meat industry stakeholders and representatives from the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), local producers may benefit from the beef carcass and feeder calve contracts that will be concluded soon, Meatco has announced.